I still hate Obama makes unfounded claim that President Obama sent someone to defeat PM Netanyahu

When the Drudge Report says anything, it’s best to immediately assume it is false until proven true. The same should go for blog with no press-credentials, pulitzer prizes or even a decently formatted website… but enough about the Anti-Myth Machine.

(Note: I still hate Obama took down the original post)

ammlogosmallAnti-Myth Machine On February 2nd Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen wrote that a campaign staffer who used to work on President Obama’s campaign went to israel to mount a campaign against Netanyahu. The implication is that it was President Obama’s work (REF 1). The campaign staffer Jeremy Bird began working with 270 Strategies, an anti-Likud organization (REF 2) in 2013 before PM Netanyahu even announced he was running for re-election (REF 3).
Not all President Obama staffers are anti-likud: Campaign Strategist Bill Knapp worked for the Likud advising PM Netanyahu (REF 4). In addition Josh Isay also worked for the PM’s campaign in addition to having worked on President Obama’s (REF 5).
Naturally none of these facts stopped Gateway Pundit (REF 6) or PJ Media (REF 7) from interpreting a former staffer working on the campaign as a direct endorsement by President Obama. Nor did it stop the Drudge Report (REF 8), Senator Cruz or Breitbart.com (REF 9). Making vague accusations about state department funding made years ago and a campaign staffer who went oIsrael nearly 2 years ago doesn’t exactly constitute proof that President Obama was involved in an anti-Likud campaign.

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