Stop Hillary doesn’t know there isn’t a pathway to citizenship

Your “pathway to citizenship” of “following [current] U.S. Immigration laws” would not allow the vast majority of illegal immigrants in even if they had not entered in the country already. The metaphor that would best describe our current immigration system would be a nightclub that only allows those on the guest list inside. In order to get on the guest list, you would need a close relative, an employer referral (REF 1), be rich, famous or have extremely high skills (REF 2, 3) or have extra extenuating circumstances that 99% of people will never have (REF 4)

The image that comes to most people’s mind about past immigration comes from Ellis Island. It is true that the vast majority of immigrants in the past were legal immigrants. What changed is not the willingness of immigrants to obey the law, but rather the laws themselves. Ellis Island is no longer an immigration station (REF 5) and immigration isn’t unrestricted as it was before 1882 (REF 6, 7, 8)

Most of the immigrants who desire a pathway to citizenship are unskilled persons who have no citizen or green card relatives here and thus would not have a way in using our current immigration system (REF 9). You are entitled to your opinion that we shouldn’t take such lowly peasants, but the fact is there is no “line.”










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