Trump Train wants a wall, they get facts too

The border wall, what David Bier at the CATO institute called, “impractical, expensive and ineffective.” [1] It’s interesting that despite miles and miles of border wall being added since we had restrictions on Mexican migration in the 1920s [2] that illegal migration went up and down despite more and more border fencing being built [3]. The numbers peaked in 2000, having gone down since then. A wall would face many enemies, the first being mother nature [4], and purposeful destruction (did you know that Mexico has construction equipment, hammers, ladders, and ropes?) and could be circumvented. We just mentioned going through, but going over [5], through [6], and under [7] are all things that currently happen that a border wall could not stop. Is it any wonder Michael McCaul, a Republican from Texas concluded that “it would be an inefficient use of taxpayer money to complete the fence.” [8] Slowing down immigrants is meaningless when some parts of the border are so remote that it would take an officer up to 30 minutes to respond even if they got word as soon as someone tried to cross. The wall would cost millions of dollars per mile to put up [9] and the President has had trouble convincing Republicans to build it.


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