Fans rebel over SRA Brian Kolfage’s discussion of police killing a white teen

Senior Airman Brian Kolfage 1 _ 14 hrs 7 iii BREAKING! BLACK COP KILLS UNARMED WHITE YOUTH-MEDIA AND FEDS SILENT! Hey where is the outrage? We don't expect the black activists that blame whites for their horrible lives-alter all living in mansions and eating and drinking the finest foods and liquor and making millions off of being race baiting garbage still proves that whites are racists! Not to mention, whites don't behave like blacks.We let the legal system run it's course-we learned that in school-something that apparently many blacks never attended and instead chose to gang bang and sell drugs and choose the gang lifestyle-l attribute a lot of that to that garbage RAP music if you want to call that garbage 'music'... While Ferguson, Missouri, burns with racism and rioting, misinformation and mayhem over the Michael Brown shooting, another American city is also grappling with the death of an unarmed young man at the hands of police. The incident occurred just two days after the Ferguson event, but, unlike in that case, where a white cop shot a black youth, in this instance the races are reversed. Unlike in Ferguson, there is no allegation that the young man attacked the officer. And there is another difference: http://www.americasfreedomfighterscorn/ZO14/08/22/breaking-black-cop- kiIIs-unarmed-white-youth-media-and-feds-silent/ Allen Kasir SeniorAirman Brian Kolfage You need to relax, you are getting really racist now. You're getting out of control. Unlike - Reply - £72 - 7 hrs Knalsa Fam This is stupid you are trying to draw attention away from the subject at hand... its not about race its about police usuing theirfirearms too freely killing citizens... this wouldjust be another case of that... but this happens far too often accross the country and at alarming rates against african Americans... this is a stupid post for stupid people to agree with. Jeffrey Lance W It's happens to blacks more because they commit ‘ more crimes. It's simple math, not race. Like - 9 hrs - Edited Knalsa Fam In 2009 320,000 white people were aresseted and sent tojail and 300,000 black people... your simple math is flawed... this goes back to the problem white people have it in their heads that black people are criminals as youjust proved and officers have the same thing in their heads... that is why we have this problem. Like-£71-8hrs I Mike Pezzello Except that brown WAS a CRIMINAL, And the people looting and rioting in ferguson are criminals as well. Smh. Color shouldn't have anything to do with it, if you are a criminal, you deserve to be broughttojustice.... Like - 6 hrs Knalsa Fam Brown stole some cigars and did not hurt anyone in the process he was shop lifting! That does not constitute being shot in the face while surrendering... and I agree criminals needto be broughtto justice this officer is a criminal for murdering this young man... he needs to be broughttojustice. I I

Anti-Myth Machine Perhaps now you can see it from the protesters’ point of view. Perhaps now you can see that, yes a person who was not armed can be wrongfully killed by police officer.
While the vast majority of protesters, particularly those of the Ferguson community, have actual concerns about the situation you and the mainstream media decide only to focus on the idiots who are involved in looting. The looters don’t care about the case, they just want to loot.
By the way, it’s also bad when cops of ANY color kill an unarmed teen.

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