The #WalkAway Movement, what we know so far

I originally saw this from CJ Pearson, a movement called “Walk Away” embodied in the hashtag #WalkAway. It describes Democrats who have abandoned the party, particularly those who moved to the Republican Party or to conservatism.

CJ Pearson himself is not a Republican convert.

There have been many people who tweeted that hashtag from many people who have never been liberal, including Governor Mike Huckabee. Which raises the question: is there an exodus of Democrats to Republicans? The Short Answer is that it’s not yet knowable, the movement barely began a little over a month ago and it will take the midterm election, polling and statistics to tell the tale.

This movement appears to have started with Brandon Straka on May 26, 2018, with a video he posted on Youtube beginning with the words, “Once upon a time I was a liberal”. In it, he essentially claims that liberals and the Democratic Party have taken for granted the votes of women, minorities and the gay community.

There is without a doubt many problems Hillary Clinton brought upon herself and the Democratic Party. The favorability of the candidate strongly influences what people think of the party.


The other problem with the movement is many have switched loyalties prior to the movement being started so to say you are a part of the movement raises a chicken-and-egg question that is difficult to empirically prove or disprove.

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